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an overnight crash leaves three people dead tonight. d.c. police are trying to figure out what happened and whether alcohol played a role in this tragedy. police believe the driver of that car was speeding early this morning. when she hit a speed bump, lost control and crashed. it happened on mississippi avenue southeast near wheeler road. derrick ward just talked to police. i understand police say there's evidence that alcohol might have been a factor, huh? >> reporter: indeed, preliminarily there is evidence to that. but this is still under investigation. i want to give you a sense of
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the vast distance involved. this crash actually started back there at the intersection, almost a block away at a speed bump. it hit one speed bump and then another and left the road. it ended up in a stand of trees. very tragic and deadly start to the weekend here in southeast with the loss of three lives. it was just after 3:00 a.m., police say that the mitsubishi was traveling west on mississippi avenue. investigators say speed was a factor. >> there is evidence of alcohol. but we can't say for sure if that played a factor in the crash. >> reporter: the car hit a speed bump and the driver lost control. it continued over a second speed bump and began flipping and ended up off the roadway in a park where it smashed into several trees before coming to a rest. a woman who knows some of the victims and their family says next came every parent's nightmare. >> there's a knock on the door in the morning, stating that they wanted the parents.
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wanted to speak to the parents of the kids. and said that they had passed in a car accident. >> reporter: all by one of the four people in the car was thrown from the vehicle. the lone survivor was a woman who was trapped after the crash. ultimately the crash scene spans thing length of a football field. >> the two guys that passed on, they have a little brother that's 10. how does the family tell him that he no longer has older brothers. >> reporter: on this gently curving stretch, a posted speed limit and devices in place to keep it safe. now they're factors in a fatal crash that has claimed three lives and left a sense of loss with those who knew the victims. and so what we know now is that this is still under investigation. and as you heard, police are investigating the angle that alcohol may have been a factor in this crash. so far they're not releasing the names or identities of any of the victims. they're still notifying next of kin. >> thanks for that report.
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we're following a developing story in edgewater, maryland this evening. investigators are trying to figure out what caused a deadly fire there. the fire broke out around 1:30 at a house in the 1300 block of shore drive. it took about 60 firefighters more than a half an hour to get those flames under control. firefighters went through heavy smoke to rescue a woman inside. that's when they found another person inside, but that person had already died. >> and i just went running. the first reaction, instinct to just go running to try to pull thesm out. >> meanwhile, the cause of the fire this evening is still under investigation. in orlando, the courtroom was closed, but it was still a big day for both sides in the casey anthony trial. the judge gave attorneys the day off to prepare for tomorrow's closing arguments. the jury is expected to begin deliberations tomorrow night, after six weeks of testimony, neither the defense nor the prosecution has proved how 2-year-old caylee died.
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>> based on her own admission, her lies and her behavior, all inferences correlated from, there's only one conclusion, that she's responsible, she's liable and that's it. >> fireworks and nonsense from the defense, you have to hit there's no premeditation, and you have to ask the jury, how did she die. >> casey anthony has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder. if convicted she could get the death penalty. the largest wildfire in new mexico's history has burned for six days now, but firefighters say they are starting to gain control. nearly 200 square miles of los alamos has been charred. uncomfortably close to one of the nation's largest nuclear weapons facilities. but for the first time since that fire began, officials say the blaze no longer poses an immediate threat to the nuclear lab. crews say they have also slowed down the fire and are now trying to figure out how to get thousands of folks evacuated
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back inside their homes. it is one of the biggest events of the year on the national mall. preparations are under way for monday's independence day celebration. it's the first since u.s. special forces killed osama bin laden, and that has added an extra layer of security concern. as jane reports, park police say they have a robust plan in place. >> reporter: on the national mall, signs of increased security is everywhere. as tens of thousands flock to the folk life festival, ahead of monday's independence day celebration. this gentleman plans to be here for the fourth. >> make sure everybody feels safe coming to the event, you know. so i think it's safe. >> reporter: in the ten years since the september 11th attacks, federal law enforcement agencies say they have not changed their visible tactics for the fourth of july on the national mall. invisible, they say is another matter. park police plan a combination of plain clothes officers and
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technology. that's because when special forces raided osama bin laden's compound in pakistan, they found documents stating al qaeda was considering an attack on the u.s. on independence day. >> the greatest amount of security is that which you will not see. our combination of technology and plain clothes officers, and lots of enhanced ways to improve safety is probably the most robust plan that i've ever seen. >> reporter: metal detectors will be set up monday to screen tens of thousands of revelers, including this tourist from alaska. >> i would rather have the peace of mind knowing we're safe and at least being vigilant making sure nothing happens. it's well worth the few minutes that you're going to stand in line to get your bag checked. >> reporter: and those bags can include coolers. >> police will not confiscate sunscreen, police will not confiscate soft drinks or lemonade or iced tea or water.
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certainly, bring all of that to keep yourself hydrated. >> reporter: all in anticipation of the fireworks. to mark another safe and happy fourth. jane watrel, news 4. the national mall will be closed for security sweep between 6:00 and 10:00 a.m. monday morning. the public can go through check points starting at 10:00, and the smithsonian metro station will also be closed monday until after the fireworks are over. a narrow escape for the bomb squad. how the same surveillance video made lead them to the terrorist who planted the device. we'll tell you about that. plus some good news straight from the chesapeake bay this summer. crab feasts are cheaper than they have been in years. we'll talk about that. and a first for the annual july 4th hot dog contest. officials are changing up the competition this year. and someone, someone in our area is having a very good day. so who is the newest mega
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million? it's no one who works here. we'll find out who it is, and coming up with the nats. kim, what you got? >> well, we are tracking a thunderstorm, a live digital doppler. will more of these be lighting up the sky over the weekend?
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a bomb squad officer caught in a blast, but manages so walk
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away with no injuries. it happened in southern thailand yesterday as cameras were rolling. the officer was inspecting a suspicious car when the car exploded. the protective suit he was wearing may have saved his life. the bombing was one of three attacks yesterday by muslim militants on government offices there in thailand. officials are saying that the same cameras also show the man who appears to have planted that device. the white house staff will make more than $37 million this year. that's the combined income for the 454 employees this year. that's $1 million less than those same employees made last year. about 20 employees take home a salary of $172,000, about 30% earned between $100,000 and $200,000 a year. 154 others will take home about $50,000 less. excuse me, 154 will take home less than $50,000 this year. and some won't get a paycheck at all. get out the mal ets and
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crackers. crab prices are low this fourth of july weekend. seafood lovers crowded the fish market in southwest d.c. today. for many a crab boil is a tradition this holiday weekend. in april, some of the seafood industry were predicting prices would be high, and supplies low because of colder water this spring. those out selling the crabs in d.c. today said they are bringing in kruscrustaceans by truck load. the newlyweds meet with canadians with whom they have a special connection. we'll talk about that. and another royal couple ties the knot. we'll take you to monaco. back here, kim is standing by, monitoring the chance of some storms this holiday
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the royal newlyweds are in their third day of their tour of north america. kate dressed by katherine walker said to be one of late princess diana's favorite designers. the tree planting is a royal family tradition dating all the way back to 1939. it is supposed to symbolize a long marriage. guests at the event are couples married on the same day as william and kate. those couples now celebrating their 50th and 60th
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anniversaries. eyes around the world are also on a second pair of newlyweds. a star-studded religious ceremony at the prince's palace. the gown was made with 90 yards of silk and 40,000 crystals. vip guests included chanel designer and nicolas sarkozy. charlene woodstock met 11 years ago at a swimming competition. someone in our area is $107 million richer tonight. a giant grocery store in herman, virginia, sold the winning ticket to friday's mega millions jackpot. lottery officials say the winner has not come forward yet. and folks, get out your tickets. here are those winning numbers. 12, 17, 30, 35, 47, mega ball
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26. if you hit it big, don't forget the guy who just told you that you had the winning numbers. the giants store that sold the winning ticket will get a $50,000 prize as well. >> nice. competitive eaters from near and far in new york tonight, ready for what has become an independence day tradition. it is time for the annual nathan's hot dog eating contest on coney island. competitors race to eat as many hot dogs as they can in ten minutes. new this year, kim martucci, just for you, competitions for men and women. >> mm-hmm. >> for the men, 27-year-old joey chestnut, the guy to beat, holds the world record. 68 hot dogs. that's how many he ate in ten minutes back in 2009. women eating hot dogs as fast as they can. >> the black widow, remember her? >> oh, that's right. >> like this big around. >> that's right. >> yeah. >> what's the word on monday? >> i have to make the call?
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>> yeah. >> i'm going dry. >> oh, good. >> you want me to make the call? >> yes. >> i'm making the call. >> i love it. put yourself out there. >> i'm doing it. look what's going on in laurel today. it was your independence day parade. all of you were outside enjoying it. they're so much fun. remember to wear your spf. tomorrow will be the stormiest day of the holiday weekend. yeah, you want to know, when is rain going to happen? let's talk about it. will it rain this holiday weekend? yes, it is going to. it is likely going to happen tomorrow. that is the best chances for showers and thunderstorms. about a 50% chance. then we'll push that rain threat south on july 4th, with an isolated chance here. but i don't think it will happen. thunderstorms again south of d.c. you folks down there in fredericksburg, maryland, not as lucky. let's look at where the thunderstorms are. not very many at all. right across the pennsylvania line, drifting southeast at 15 miles an hour, affecting
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allegheny county, maryland, for the most part. other than that, we're in good shape. i don't think we're going to have too much activity tonight in the thunderstorm department. as for the numbers, sterling is 91. we're 92. 86 down quantico way. we have an isolated thunderstorm north and west. increase in the clouds for the rest of us. tomorrow, we'll have more clouds around most of the day. best chances of getting wet, 60% chance. about a 50% chance d.c. a 30% chance of seeing some rain tomorrow across southern maryland. let's show you the local futurecast as we take you through the hours. you can see the timeline up here. this is your sunday. scattered. notice how the computer model puts most of the activity north and west of us tomorrow. but we can't rule out a thunderstorm just about everywhere. as we zoom in and show you what's going to be happening, this front is going to stall just to our south on july 4th. this means our rain threat is minimalized because of this. but we're still going to keep
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just that isolated chance here, better chances points south. your evening looks good. high clouds around. as we think about the morning, it will be mostly cloudy. sunrise 5:47. in the 70s. tomorrow afternoon, scattered thunderstorms. again, your sunday is the best chance this weekend to see any rain. we'll push that threat south on july 4th. we'll keep some upper 80s here as we head into the rest of next week. and towards the end of the week, thursday, that is our chance for a few more thunderstorms coming our way. hopefully the weekend will be drying out. thank you to the cruise family in upper marlboro for taking a sneak peek inside the studio today. still ahead here at 6:00. a happy
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all right. nets are in action. >> fourth of july weekend, let's get some wins here. >> get her done. >> manager davy johnson and his first win as nats skipper last night. today the nats trying to provide some more fireworks in the first game of a doubleheader against the pirates. let's go to the ballpark. a pirate outfit not complete without a hat and a parrot. lovely.
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top first, no score. garrett jones at the plate. hernandez ropes it down the first baseline. chase comes around to score. 1-0 pirates just like that. they would eventually take a 2-0 lead in the first. top five, james mcdonald with the bunt. levo chases it down. the flip to first, like it's no big deal, with his glove. we go to the bottom of the seventh. still 2-1. this is what i call fresh. rick takes that pitch to right field and gone. ties the game at 2. and the fans, oh, yeah, they love it, giving high fives. the players high five too. happiness all around at nats park today. until the top of the eighth. sean burnett off in relief. garret jones is up. and this is gone. solo shot to left center. 3-2 pirates. it gets worse.
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we show it to you because we have video evidence. mccutchen also gone. back-to-back homers. 4-2 pirates. right now 5-2 in the ninth. tennis now. people that are left-handed are considered to be more artistic. petro is a lefty, but she had to be extra creative today against maria sharapova. petro trying to become the first southpaw to win since navratilova. there's the lefty, martina. she won her ninth wimbledon title 21 years ago. petro was just a baby. in the far court, the two trading ground strokes. sharapova throws up a defensive shot. petro puts away the volley. she wins the first set 6-3. second set, break point for sharapova.
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throws up another defensive shot here. petro to the net. sharapova floats one back. it's just inside the line for the point. ties it at 2. she's pumped, so is her fiance. yeah, that's my lady. but this day belonged to petro. championship point. and this is fast, folks. 105 miles per hour, an ace rips it by sharapova. upsets maria sharapova, winning her first wimbledon championship. at the women's world cup in germany, it was a virtual home game for the u.s. national team playing in front of military members, the two-time world cup champs did not disappoint defeating columbia 3-0. some moving moments as the star spangled banner played for uncle sam and friends there in germany. 12th minute, no score. heather o'reilly with the right boot from 32 yards out into the upper 90. phenomenal goal by o'reilly. see it again here.
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it bends into the net. that's nice. u.s. up 1-0. this is cool. team usa saluting the military members at the game. that gives you goose bumps. lauren cheney with the ball. megan rips it into the back of the net. the coach, she's pleased. sound up. >> go usa! >> singing bruce springsteen's born in the usa. earns a spot in the quarterfinals. they take on sweden on wednesday. hockey news, free agent mt bradley signed a two-year contract with the florida panthers today. he spent the last six seasons with the capitals. and sterm is leaving washington. the canucks signed sterm to a one-year deal. the caps signed bork to a one-year contract. a draft pick in 2004 played in russia's khl last season. finally, we hope you're having a happy fourth of july
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weekend, but some people started this month off very unhappy. detroit closer takes it out on the gatorade cooler. wilson prefers h20. take that. blue jays pitcher roush not happy with the calls. he gets tossed. can barely be restrained by the manager. roush listed at 6'10", 290. that's a big dude. spencer levine. check it out. an angry man. drop kicks his hat. remember, this is not what to do when you're on the golf course on any
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